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The 5 factors to look for when searching for the best gambling site

Alan Faleiro

Are you an international sports betting operator looking to expand your operations to Brazil? Then you are on the right track, because seeking knowledge about the market in which you want to operate is the first step to conquer new bettors and achieve success.

In this post, Caf shares with you what are the main points observed by Brazilian bettors when searching for the best betting site. It is relevant information for your company not to be left behind in the dispute for a slice of the national sports betting market. 

Read on and stay up to date! 

The need to conquer the public

The sports betting market is on the rise in Brazil. It went from R$ 2 billion to R$ 7 billion in turnover volume between the years 2018 and 2020, according to data from Mktesportivo.

The country entered the crosshairs of online bookmakers with the entry into force of Federal Law 13.756/18, which legalized sports betting, but is still awaiting regulation, which is expected to happen by December 2022. 

The expectation is that Brazil will become one of the main sports betting markets in the world, which is explained mainly by the size of the Brazilian population and also by the national passion for sports, especially soccer.

This expectation around the country has only increased the competitiveness among the betting sites in the search for the Brazilian public's attention, which reinforces even more the need to understand the bettors' desires in order to conquer them.

This makes even more sense if we also consider the fact that 74% of the country's gamblers admit to having a registration on 2 sites or more, which shows that the experience offered by your company is all the time under comparison, and it is necessary to stand out in this market not only to win the user, but also not to lose them.

What is important for the Brazilian gambler when choosing a gambling site?

To answer this question and help you win over Brazilian bettors, we will list here the top 5 factors by degree of importance in the user's decision for a favorite betting site. The information is from the survey "Brazilian Player: the sports betting market in Brazil" conducted by Globo in June 2021.

1º) Speed of payments

The Brazilian financial market has undergone a real revolution in recent years due to the possibility of making and receiving payments instantly, and this is what the Brazilian bettor also expects from his online sportsbook. When he makes a correct guess, for example, he doesn't want to wait hours or days to receive his winnings.

2º) Incentive bonus (free bets)

Incentive bonuses are when the user has the possibility to place bets without the need to make a prior deposit and are used precisely to attract new customers to your site. In the current scenario of the sports betting market in Brazil, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a real competition has been created to see who is able to offer the most attractive bonuses and there are sites dedicated exclusively to understand how these offers work, which sports betting sites offer them and what are the requirements for you to access your winnings.

3º) Broad offer of forms of value transfers, deposits and withdrawals

The size of the Brazilian population is one of the attractions of our market and, among this public, there are obviously different realities regarding preferences in the forms of money transfers, deposits and withdrawals. For this reason, we have not stopped diversifying our methods so that each player can choose the one that best meets his or her needs. The most common today are usually PIX, Mastercard, Visa, Boleto bancário, Banco do Brasil and PayPal.

4º) Best odds of the games

The bettors also show concern about the return they will get on an accurate guess, so they keep an eye on the best odds in the games. In this case, as with incentive bonuses, you can find sites that specialize in making this kind of comparison. 

5º) More sports, games and markets within each game

How diverse is your site in offering sports, games and markets within each game for betting? State soccer championships, for example, are very strong in Brazil and can represent a great opportunity to expand your range of betting options. This diversity can help you avoid bettors migrating to competing sites.

An addendum: don't forget user experience combined with security

You have seen so far the importance of ensuring a good user experience, but do you know what else you cannot forget? Security. In fact, the lack of it can also compromise the user experience and the very reputation of your business. 

But rest assured. Caf has the ability to combine user experience and security in solutions aimed at user identification and fraud prevention in the Brazilian market.

We are prepared to meet the needs that are unique to sports betting operators. 

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