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Our story

Founded in 2019, Caf brings a unified and effective solution for the identification and protection of users in the current scenario of digital transformation.

From registration to authentication, we are a security reference so that businesses can grow and prosper free from fraud.

We are present in the daily life of some of the main companies in the financial, delivery, iGaming, crypto, marketplaces and transport segments.

Our Tracjectory


Our founder, Leonardo Rebitte, identifies a glaring need in the market: the need for digital businesses to have efficient, accurate tools for identity verification and authentication. Alongside Rafael Viana, he started the project that would become Caf as a tool for the exclusive use of a fintech company.

8/2019 - Formation of Caf

The initial project tool is highly successful and catches the attention of many in the market. The idea evolves and becomes the startup Caf, based in the southern Brazilian city of Venâncio Aires.

4/2021 - First Investment Round

Caf receives its initial round of investment that makes it possible to scale the company's operations and expand its service to new industries.

1/2022 - Continued Growth

The company reaches an important milestone – 200 employees – and now has offices in the largest cities in Brazil – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

1/2022 - iBeta Certification

We become the first and only Brazilian company to receive a safety certificate for our own proof-of-life technology, granted by iBeta Quality Assurance.

4/2022 - Start of Global Expansion

Caf begins its global expansion by hiring employees in North America and Europe and establishing new business partners in other countries.

6/2022 - Darryl Green Named CEO

A veteran of the identity security market, he A veteran of the identity security market, Darryl Green takes over as CEO with a mission to lead the company's global expansion and growth.

8/2022 - New Identity

To accompany Caf’s aggressive global expansion, the company changes its name from Combate à Fraude to Caf, and unveils a new visual identity.


Our international executive team combines technical knowledge with vast experience
Jason Howard

Jason Howard

Chief Executive Officer
Rafael Viana

Rafael Viana

CTO & Co-Founder
Emma Lindley

Emma Lindley

MD Global
Vanita Pandey

Vanita Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer
Simone Le Blanc

Simonne Le Blanc

Chief People Officer
Darryl Green

Darryl Green

Executive Chairman
Leonardo Rebitte

Leonardo Rebitte

Corey Levin

Corey Levin

Chief Legal Officer

How can we help with our solutions

All our solutions are carefully designed so that the identity of users is validated in a responsible and accurate way.

User Onboarding ​

Fraud Prevention

ID Document Verification

Account Takeover Prevention

First and only Brazilian IDtech certified with ISO/IEC 30107-3 iBeta

A prova de vida da Caf é a primeira e única no Brasil a cumprir os requisitos de teste e laudo da ISO/IEC 30107-3, emitida pela iBeta Quality Assurance.

This internationally respected biometric testing lab has subjected our technology to a series of attack attempts simulating the action of a fraudster and has confirmed its effectiveness.

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